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Building Your Own Cloud


I have been searching for a collaborative cloud tool or file acccess service to run on Fedora and my pursuits lead me to demo Owncloud and Tonido. Both let you access your files remotely and act as a media server as well as provide for personal information management.

Currently Tonido is a more polished product that includes an iPhone and Android app. At the time of writing there was neither than iPhone or Android app for Owncloud. Instead Owncloud directs you to use WebDAV Navigator until the apps get released. While both tools allow you to write and record information it is clear Owncloud is looking to be an office or personal organizer and collaboration tool. Tonido's Thots is more akin to a web version of Notepad.

These differences reflect the differences in the projects and the organizations behind them. Owncloud is truer to the open source approach by being community driven while Tonido has a commercial version of it's product. I'm not one who blindly bangs the drum of open source; I can honestly say that Tonido’s free version benefits directly from its for-profit connection, giving it a more polished finish and support.

Both products are cross platform and if you need simple access to files either one will work great for you. Tonido offers file sync, torrent access, notes, searching, and media server. Owncloud is similar but lacks the torrent and searching, however, Owncloud includes a contact management tool. If you want to move your contact data off Google this is a nice feature. In light of overall look, feel and my recommendation is to try Tonido first. This could change as Owncloud matures, releases mobile apps, and it wouldn't hurt of they released a Fedora RPM. Like most things in computing your mileage may vary so take them both for a spin.